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The Compartments We Devise

By on May 15, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

  We never know the full story when we look into someone else’s eyes. It doesn’t matter who it is. Our spouses, our children, our friends, our business colleagues—we all have chapters in our stories that are as yet untold or never told. It will always be that way. The best we can do is get better at listening, remain open to compassion, and craft compartmentalization strategies to balance the myriad conflicts that attempt to overrun us even when we appear to be at our best. Appearance is always deceptive. It’s why writers have something to write about. It’s why most of us like to read stories, see plays, and watch movies. We trust storytellers to reveal to us the points of backstory we need to piece together a coherent narrative. Sometimes we call that entertainment. Other times we call it the awakening inspired by a cautionary tale. Life instruction is much harder. Think about the people you will encounter this week. Which of the following might they be experiencing and trying to integrate into the disjointed career demands of their workplace and the to-do lists filling their calendars: Might they have a dear friend in the hospital with a terrible disease? Might they have just learned one friend is getting divorced and another divorced a year ago in silence? Might they be looking for ways to support people living far away whose lives are being devastated by a natural disaster? Might they have bet heavily on a seemingly safe investment and lost enormously in its bankruptcy? Might they have heard from the IRS that no matter how careful they were on their tax filings they are being audited? Might they have recently discovered their retirement savings will not sustain them as they had planned for decades? Might they have signed up for a critical deadline at work that is no longer achievable? Don’t fret; odds are not all of this is likely to happen, at least not at the same time. Yet no matter how well things may be going or appear to be going for someone, you can be assured strife of some sort is lurking behind the curtain. None of us are invincible. None of us can...

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