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Endless Encores

Endless Encores

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Repeating Success Through People, Products, and Profits

As difficult as it is to have your first big success, most people find it exponentially harder to repeat success. So many of us, after “bringing the crowd to its feet,” worry that we’re going to get booed off the stage with our next venture. Is there a way to avoid this, to have multiple hits and “endless encores?”

Technology executive and bestselling author Ken Goldstein shows the way to repeating success by concentrating on three essentials – people, products, and profits, in that order. In this affecting and instructive business parable, he tells the story of a man who has accomplished much but now fears exposure as a fraud and the woman who, as a CEO with multiple successes to her credit, shows him the secret to consistent achievement.

Are you ready to play endless encores? If so, this is your story.

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A Business Parable by Ken Goldstein

Daphne Lonner is a tremendously accomplished CEO who has been thrown more than once in her resilient career by the forces of creative destruction. Paul Beckett is a rising executive who has quickly gone from recent rags to modest riches, but whose latest project is on the brink of failure. One night they happen to meet in an airport lounge, both with long-delayed flights. In the many hours that pass, Daphne shares the hard-won wisdom of surviving the ups and downs of her “long and winding road,” while Paul attempts to make sense of her sustaining mantra: “People, Products, Profits—In That Order.” By the time their flight departs, Daphne and Paul have learned from each other what it means to ride the wave of Endless Encores, finding a new beginning on the path to risk, creativity, innovation, and reinvention.

Endless Encores™ is the second book by Ken Goldstein. A business parable in story form that walks through the creative process of People, Products, Profits—In That Order, it is accompanied by a curated set of blog posts tied to each chapter from the author’s blog,

Praise for Endless Encores

“From Carmen Sandiego to Disney Online to to his first book This Is Rage, Ken Goldstein knows about reinvention. Now he has written a parable with insight, charm, and authority.”
♪          Michael Eisner, CEO of The Tornante Company, author of Working Together

“I couldn’t put this book down! Ken Goldstein has written a next-gen business parable that puts the pursuit of success into perspective. It’s a book I’ll share with colleagues—and keep a copy for future insights.”
♪          Beth Collins Ellard, EVP Media, The Advertising Council

“Ken Goldstein has penned an insightful new book that demonstrates the power of people, products and profits. It’s an important tool for managers in all organizations who wish to lead their organization to new heights. Most intriguing, it is written as a fictional dialogue between a successful CEO and a manager besieged with troubles. Their Socratic interaction pulls you in and keeps you reading. It’s an invaluable dialogue that you must have.
♪     Gene Del Vecchio, USC Marshall School of Business, author of Creating Blockbusters!

“Ken Goldstein has written an inspiring, empowering book that encourages each of us to aspire to the extraordinary—to be exceptional listeners and amazing thinkers—and understand that in the process of reinvention, we can all find our own Endless Encores. In Endless Encores, Ken generously shares his own notebook for repeated success, vividly demonstrating the power of people, products and profits while underscoring the importance of resilience and continuous reinvention.”
♪     Barb Adams, talk radio host, Barb Adams Live, Genesis Communications Network

“Bravo! Ken Goldstein is a true maestro at building, supporting and directing highly talented creative and technical teams. Brilliant in its simplicity, Endless Encores explores the central, overriding importance of people in today’s complex, Internet driven global economy. The conversational narrative is an easily accessible device for Ken to share the secret of his success. A must read for all creative executives.”
♪     Christopher Keefe, Chief Marketing Officer, Omidyar Network

“In this delightful narrative, Ken Goldstein explains how managers can create the right conditions in their own business line to make it more likely that profitable products will emerge. And the best reward is a simple list of questions that reveal whether you are on track to do so. I intend to ask them of myself regularly!”
♪     Emily Smith, President and GM, Media, Brit + Co

Published in 2015 by The Story Plant