Author of "This Is Rage" and "Endless Encores"

From Nothing

this is rage

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A Novel of Technology, Bar Music, and Redemption

Victor Selo had blown up his life. A wannabe rock star turned tech savant, he’d wagered his Silicon Valley executive position on a corporate inside straight and lost. Having security escort him out of the building was the best thing that happened to him that day. The rest left him in the hospital, broken, broke, and with no prospects.

That’s when a shadowy stranger with questionable motives came with an offer: a chance to get his life back – and better – if he simply cooperates. It would require becoming invisible for a while, but he would be hiding in the spotlight, playing guitar in a Vegas cover band. Reluctantly, Victor accepts and begins an odyssey he never could have imagined. One that involves a charismatic lead singer who owns the stage but aspires to own an Elvis wedding chapel, a mesmerizing woman who can play anything on her keyboards and can really play with Victor’s head, and two specters from his old life offering competing devil’s bargains. Suddenly, multiple futures are opening up in front of Victor. All of them offer opportunity – and each comes with potentially catastrophic risk.

Populated with a wide array of colorful characters, brimming with reflections on everything from love to God to the price of commitment, and backed by a great soundtrack, From Nothing is an endlessly engaging work of fiction that will resonate like your favorite song.

“From the boardroom to the bandstand, Goldstein’s From Nothing doesn’t miss a beat, taking readers on a wildly unpredictable but wholly believable tale of 21st century rock n’ roll soul redemption. Crackling dialog, tantalizing peeks into the cutthroat world of Silicon Valley, and vibrant scenes of unvanquished rock ‘n’ roll dreamers make From Nothing a must-read.”
Robert Burke Warren, musician, author of Perfectly Broken

“Only a Silicon Valley insider with the soul of a classic rock musician could have authored this penetrating story of a man who finds his true identity after suffering the sting of betrayal from the men who promised to help fulfill his dreams. From Nothing is the perfect book-end to Ken Goldstein’s now-classic novel This is Rage—a more personal, yet universal story about one man’s struggle to embrace an elusive faith and receive the redemption he may or may not deserve. A book rich with insight and human introspection, From Nothing is also a page-turning thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.”
– Stephen Jay Schwartz, author of Boulevard and Beat

“Ken Goldstein has done a masterful job with his latest, From Nothing. In this wild ride through the dark side of vulture finance, rock music and Sin City, you’ll meet characters that think and speak like real people who find themselves facing tough choices. The plot moves fast and the stakes keep rising. Once you open this book, you won’t put it down until you reach the thrilling finish.”
– Robert Tercek, author of Vaporized: Solid Strategies for Success in a Dematerialized World

“I grew up with the music, but the author introduced me to the inner workings of modern tech. A fascinating look at the world of startups, innovation, corporate greed, and personal responsibility wrapped up in a gripping, high-stakes thriller.”
Wilson Milam, Tony-nominated stage director

Published in 2018 by The Story Plant